Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dace Dance Dance

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to update you on my trip to the Black Forest. We (Ruth, Ralph and I) traveled to the small town of Sageten where they spoke and I danced at a church called Netzwerk 43. Theo and Arlene planted this church and it was great to be there.

When we I arrived I practiced on the stage and like most churches there was some room to dance but not as much as the dance would really need. At any rate on Saturday while I was dancing about half way through the performance Ralph decided to join me on stage since my dress caught on the edge of this log (with a burning candle) and I dragged it center stage!

What to do? Well since Ralph came to the rescue and I wasn't on fire I decided to keep dancing like any good performer and pretend that nothing was wrong. It was rather comical but I am mostly just relieved that I did not light myself on fire or the church. That really would have a been a blog story! That was Saturday evening so for the Sunday morning service they rearranged the decor and all went well!

I was supposed to stay the night at Theo and Arlene's house but at the last minute plans changed and Danni graciously took me in. She is so cool and she speaks English! Yay, I felt like we were really able to connect for the short time we had together. We chatted about some of her life experiences which are so inspiring. To say the least she was a very lovely and accommodating host - thanks Danni!

I am so impressed with myself today since I have been able to accomplish so much. I went to church and danced as usual during the service and then after the service I worked with some of the girls again to practice the Christmas dance and then I had about 45min to eat and get ready for my first workshop at Haus des Herrn. It was so great to have all this space! As a dancer you can never get enough space - so I was in my element to say the least. The more space I see somewhere the greater the urge within me is to break out and dance, even if it's in a public place! Anyways, I came home took a cat nap, cleaned, ate, decorated my room, did all my accounting and now I am writing a blog. Well folks I'm keeping this one short - so till next time keep it real...ha ha that sounds lame!

P.S. Franklin Piles who is the head honcho at the C&MA spoke during our service and I get to spend my birthday lunch with him and his wife, Ruth and Ralph and another couple that I adore :) Ruth just called me for requests for Tuesday and I decided that a lasagna would be great. I'll fill you in on more details later.

- Tschussy-