Monday, February 22, 2010

So Encouraged I'm Ready to Burst!

This was our place for the weekend and 13 of us fit comfortably in here! The interior had a wonderful lay out maximizing on the space available :)

Here's a few nature shots from our walk.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Call to Prayer

Hi Friends,

I'm sure most of you have heard from the regular news that this weekend Haiti has called for prayer and fasting. I have a friend who some of you know, Sarah Gilman, who has been in Haiti since the beginning of October. She has been regularly updating us with personal stories and I just wanted to share this report with you.

Two things.
First I'm just writing to call you and everyone you know to join Haiti for a national weekend of prayer! Yep, Haiti it's self has called a weekend of fasting and prayer on behalf of it's nation. They have been broadcasting and speaking on national radio calling all witch doctors and everything to come and repent these next three days. As foreign staff we will be staying on the base to fast and pray for our Haitian brothers and sister, while our Haitian staff join their cities to pray. I ask that you would pray for the nation at this time. This is a huge deal, cause Haitians themselves are calling for this weekend of prayer, not foreigners, which is much more common!

We are praying that the hearts of this nation would repent for putting their trust in Voodoo, and would turn their hearts towards Jesus Christ. We are praying that the hearts of this nation would trust in Jesus as their Lord and savior. We are praying that the Lord would continue to have mercy on the people of this nation and in turn the people would dedicate this Country to Him! And, we are praying for what ever else comes to mind!

The second is this.
I just had to tell you about the event I was part of this evening. We've just been given an ambulance! Ya, there are none in this city! This ambulance came from Pennsylvania by ship. After dinner we all left our dirty dishes at our tables and trouped on out the the ambulance! We have a mega phone right now, and our director's wife spoke into it. (Our director is in the states for a few days) She spoke about the vision she has carried for twenty years that there would be a clinic. Even as we speak there is a building being built in the 5th section that will hold a clinic! We also have a piece of property that has been sort of dropped into our laps since the earthquake that we are using as a hospital right now. The ambulance is going to be used for earthquake victims for now. But once that is all finished we are going to use the ambulance to bring people from the 5th section into the city for good care! We stood around the ambulance and sang, “Give thanks with a great full heart!” then we laid hands on the ambulance and prayed for all that will happen with it.

I really felt that I'd just witnessed a historic event! The man that brought it on the ship actually flew special from England to make sure it got here.

So there you have it....
I'll try to keep you posted on prayer and praise reports.
Thanks, Sarah

I hope you're encouraged and will join Haiti in their prayers. Thanks for dropping by!