Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Bee

Hi Friends!

The countdown continues...only 8 days till I'm back in Cow Town :)

I've been up to lot's since we last spoke. I got to be patriotic and paint my face with the Canadian maple leaf as we watched the hockey game of Canada vs. Switzerland in the SAP arena. I'm sad to say we lost and deserved to. It was a crazy atmosphere. I was surrounded by hard core Swiss fans and they had drums and chants for the whole game...made me realize just how lame our cheers are. Anyways, on to other things.

As I mentioned I was off to Berlin to dance at the Berlin International Church. I was warmly welcomed and that evening I attended one of their cell groups. They were very kind and spoke in English for my sake. Two young ladies let me stay at their place. I had one day to tour the city and unfortunately it was cold and rainy. My computer is not letting me load many pictures so here's just one from Berlin.

Here is the Berliner Dom. We were fortunate to have Andrew with his major in history as our guide. We were very well informed :)

On the way to Berlin we stopped at Erfurt. This is Wartburg where Luther was hidden away for a year. I saw his room where he worked on translating the New Testament.

Next you will see a treat from the bakery, special for Father's Day!

We also happened upon this when we were walking about. We first heard some music with a small parade. Here you see the gathering of the carpenters and different tradesmen on the reunion/graduation which happens annually. They still wear the traditional clothes and it is an respected profession where men train for three years under a skilled tradesman.

Then we made our way to Wittenberg and here I am in front of the door where Luther nailed his 95 thesis. This was great to see all the places I've learned about.

The following weekend I went to Bavaria with the German Ladies Housegroup. This is where we stayed and this is at the Cheimsee Lake (which I think is the biggest lake in Germany). We went for a walk in the Alps and the next day were singing at the Lake - so fun!

Coming Up...this weekend I am going to the Haus des Herrn retreat. I will speak there on Thursday evening. Saturday I will attend and dance at a German wedding :) She's obviously got great taste since she's marrying a Canadian! Then I come home and have two days to pack.

So it's been a great ending to a year full of new opportunities and friends!
Thank you to all of you who read this blog, write me letters and support me prayerfully and financially. I am so blessed and I think I've changed a lot. I'm coming home with more passion and direction! Please pray for me as I say a difficult goodbye to a place, people and church I've fallen in love with.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dreams DO Come True!

Hi Friends!

It's so cool to see a lot of my little wishes, dreams, hopes and desires (whatever you wanna call them) coming true. Let me tell you of one of them that was realized last night. I got to see Samuel Harfst in concert. It's so cool cause my roomy has all of his CD's so I was really enjoying them and I was hoping that I would be able to see them in concert while I was here. Lucky for me they came all the way to Mannheim. So here's a sample of their music.

On a side note. Many people have asked when I am coming home but I've been lying all along. I just looked at my ticket last week to find that I've earned myself an extra day in Mannheim. So I will be home on June 09, 2010 and NOT on June 08th. Sorry for any confusion but I am grateful for the extra day to pack and say goodbye.

I'll update you soon on the remainder of my time here. Lots going on!