Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remember November?

I must admit I don't know where to begin. So much has happened since my last blog! Well Here are the highlights but first don't forget to check out my new widget on the left. I will continue to update you by this thermometer as I receive the monthly updates of the incoming funds that are making my dance ministry in Germany possible! A huge thank you to the individuals who have contributed so generously so far! The money invested is about enabling me to develop others in their ability, desire and freedom to use dance as an expression of worship to the glory of the Lord and specifically equipping young girls with a skill that not only builds confidence but glorifies our King!

#1: My friend from high school was travelling Europe and ended her trip in Mannheim, so we got to spend a day together. It was a surreal day!

This is us at Mannheim's Water Tower but I kinda missed it in the background, so there is a picture of it beside us...just pretend it's behind us.

#2: I went on ANOTHER road trip. This time to Basel, Switzerland.

I was invited to join some of my friends for the Joyce Meyers Conference. The turn out was crazy - the main building filled up so there was an overflow building with a capacity for 1,000 people and still there were more people, so they set up speakers on the street! There was a total of at least 9,000 people there!

During the first evening there I ran into two people I know who aren't part of our church. I thought this was incredible after being here for a month, I go to a conference with over 9,000 people in Switzerland and I run into two people I know from Mannheim and another conference I was at. This truly is a small world.

This is Stephi (who let us stay at her place) and Yvonne (who invited/drove me). There was no cost to attend the conference, we had a place to stay and I packed food, so it ended up being a very cheap trip with only gas costs split between three girls - oh ya and that road tax to use the highway into Switzerland :) Mannheim to Basel is shorter than going from Calgary to Edmonton. I didn't realize just how close together places are in Europe.

Prior to this conference I am sad to say I had not heard of Joyce Meyers. If you don't know who she is, perhaps you have heard of her best selling book, The Battlefield of the Mind. I would recommend listening to her radio or T.V. programs, or picking up one of her books. She is truly inspiring, full of wisdom and not to mention funny.

#3: Last Sunday I began teaching some girls in the church a dance for the Christmas service. They are fast learners and did very well. I am looking forward to pour into their lives as many of my teachers did when I was this age.

#4: Speaking of not really speaking much German yet...I began class on November 17.

This was today's work and I am supposed to memorize the left side of the page by tomorrow. So what am I learning? Anyone who has or is learning German might buy a shirt that says "down with der, die, das" because it is confusing! It is similar to French when each object has a gender or is neutral. See the picture below.

I split my list and color coded it into "der", "die", "das" and a column beside it with the plural form which is also different for each word! I am actually grasping it quite well for the second day of studying it. I am finding I am motivated to study. It is encouraging when I do speak in German, people always comment on and are surprised by my pronunciation. I don't have an accent - so that is amazing! Thanks to my good teacher Art for going through the alphabet and sounds with me before I came:) I am also really good at counting! The biggest struggle for me is formulating questions.

#5: Looking ahead: This weekend I will be travelling to a church in the Black Forest area with Ruth and Ralph. I will perform at their Saturday evening service and their Sunday morning service. I also will be teaching a dance workshop at the beginning of December.

#6: Other things I'm involved in are two house groups, one German and one English. I led a creative worship time for the German house group since I am not a singer and I don't play any instruments. I wrote each person's name on a sheet of paper and brought markers with me. I got everyone to write encouraging words for each other and then we each got to take these words home with us and let it encourage us. It was really well received, so feel free to use this idea if you like :) I have also taken part in several church training sessions and prayer meetings.

I am thankful for great friends, amazing roommates, wonderful mentors, what I am learning and the opportunity to dance each Sunday.

Please pray for a quick mind and sharp ear for the language.
Pray that my vision will extend my time here: knowing how to spend my time, looking for and training a new leader, where to really focus my energies as there are many opportunities on the horizon! Praise God that there has been such an interest expressed in dance.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mistletoe is in the air...

This blog is just for fun and since it's getting close to Christmas I think it's appropriate.

As a single person I sometimes have great ideas for when I might find myself in a relationship. Well gentleman, instead of keeping this one to myself I'm about to share an idea with you...

DISCLAIMER: This theory has not been tested and results may vary - use at your own risk!

If you find yourself in a cold place like Germany or Canada but you still like taking long romantic walks - this could spice or heat things up in the cold winter. If you see a tree like this

You will want to pass by it with a girl on your just the right moment you can pull this out of your fun and interesting facts hat - "did you know that those blobs on the tree are mistletoe?". If your girl likes corny she may find it funny and give a favorable response but like I said it has never been tried by me.

If you do end up taking my idea: no need to give credit to me, I just ask that you post your results so myself and others can see!

Well folks this silly blog has come to a close
Warmest Wishes