Wednesday, September 9, 2009

19 Days till Deutschland

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update. I'm leaving earlier than anticipated so I'll be departing from Calgary September 28th! In these last few weeks I am trying to tie up loose ends and say goodbye to my amazing friends. During this time I also have the privilege of being a bridesmaid in Rachelle and Aubrey's wedding! This summer I have been working full time but I was able to add in some fun by going rock climbing with my sister and her husband. I also went to visit my grandparents on the long weekend and got some water skiing in. I must brag that I did my first successful slalom! It was so exhilerating! Other than that it's been a lot of showers, and wedding preperations/celebrations. The time is fast approaching and I wonder where the summer has gone but I am looking forward with great anticipation to my new life in Germany! Thanks for checking in...

Much Love,



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