Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

Today I got to meet my new church family. The people of Haus des Herrn (House of the Lord) are so welcoming and a lot of them speak English - Lucky for me :) Let me show you where we meet...

Now come on in :)

Through this hall..

Into the sanctuary...

Ralph was doing sound.
Uli who is in the background translated when I introduced myself.

Then I did what I love to do...

**Special thanks to Gerri DeWaal for making my costume
and to Sarah Gilman for letting me dance her choreography**

I danced to "How He Loves" which many of you have seen if you were at Southview for my commissioning service.

This was only the begining ;)
Then it was off to lunch with a bunch of the English cell group and a few others.

We are a diverse group, starting left front is Kirstie and Ben from NewZealand; Ruth and Ralph Shareski (my mentors); ? i forget; ViJay and Ashley from India; Zoo from Thailand; Marco's hand...he's from Germany.

The sad or funny thing is that I can speak more Thai than German at the moment. Anyways we ate at "Yum Yum" a Thai restaurant and I ordered DUCK based on Zoo's recommendation. It was surprisingly tasty and delicious! Even though I'm not in a third world country, I'm still trying new foods :)

Lunch was followed by a game of Boccie Ball!
Ralph was the "Vinner"

I have seen a great many things so far and I have much to tell but for the sake of time (I need to sleep) and for your interest I will fill you in on the sites at a later date.

I'm off to London early Tuesday morning for a Hillsong Conference. Haus des Herrn has generously covered my costs for this conference. THANK YOU! I will not be able to update my blog or check e-mail etc... during this time, so don't worry if you don't hear from me. I will update you of all the exciting happenings of London when I return :)

Until then thank you for your prayers and I hope all is well with you!


    The Parentals

  2. Hey Whit! Germany, eh? Crazy! I see you have some awesome mentors there. The Shareski family is pure gold!! I hope Uncle Larry comes to visit while you're there. He's so much fun!

    Make sure you update your blog regularly. I plan on living vicariously through your stories and adventures while you are there. Canada gets too boring for me...

  3. So excited for you! I am currently serving with some Germans and now I will be able to exactly tell them where you are! So fun... thanks for the update and am praying for you!

  4. Ryan - I will get to meet Uncle Larry at Christmas. Seen pics, heard stories and can't wait for the real thing. I know I am so so lucky to be here with the Shareski's! I will do my best to update regularly :) I'm glad someone reads it. I remember my dad always read your blog while you were on onSite. Anyways, thanks for the hello.

    Sheila - you found me, cool! Yay for German folk. I hope you are doing well. Write me a message for anything specific you need prayer for.


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