Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mistletoe is in the air...

This blog is just for fun and since it's getting close to Christmas I think it's appropriate.

As a single person I sometimes have great ideas for when I might find myself in a relationship. Well gentleman, instead of keeping this one to myself I'm about to share an idea with you...

DISCLAIMER: This theory has not been tested and results may vary - use at your own risk!

If you find yourself in a cold place like Germany or Canada but you still like taking long romantic walks - this could spice or heat things up in the cold winter. If you see a tree like this

You will want to pass by it with a girl on your just the right moment you can pull this out of your fun and interesting facts hat - "did you know that those blobs on the tree are mistletoe?". If your girl likes corny she may find it funny and give a favorable response but like I said it has never been tried by me.

If you do end up taking my idea: no need to give credit to me, I just ask that you post your results so myself and others can see!

Well folks this silly blog has come to a close
Warmest Wishes


  1. Vitney Vitney Vitney, vhat has become of you.


  2. Finding out that mistletoe is a parasite really took the romance out of it for me.