Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Typical Week for Me.

People often ask what I'm up to or what I do in a day so here's a look at my schedule for February as far as I know:

Mondays - Learn more German with my tutor Yvonne. Then we attend a German Bible Study.
Tuesdays - I tutor some children in English.
Wednesday - I am attending the six week training session for worship leaders. I am hoping I can squeeze in time here for teaching some young girls a dance.
Thursday - Meet with Ruth for mentoring and then head off to the English cell group.
Friday - Free Day!!!
Saturday - Dance team training or leading a workshop.
Sundays - Dance during the service.

These are my regular scheduled activities. Outside of these I spend my time in devotions, studying dance, preparing a sermon, leading worship, reading books, studying German, recording finances, updating blogs, keeping in touch with people back home, having people over for a coffee or dinner, shopping for groceries, cleaning, going to the gym, and hanging out with my roommates.

I hope this helps you get a feel for my life here. Please pray for inspiration for leading the dance team training times, the workshops and choreographing for the girls. Also, I am studying German on my own (with the help of computer programs) but I am finding it a challenge - so please pray that I will know what to study and that my mind would be made quick to the German language. I don't want to give up now even though I'll be home in just 4 more months. Pray for perseverance! Thanks :)

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