Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Assembling Ikea Furniture

You know you've officially arrived at a level of new independence once you successfully assemble some Ikea furniture. Our project was to get the pull out couch together and functioning. It was actually quite easy and fun but I thought I'd post some pics of our hard work and then enjoying the fruit of our labor. This is Barbara's new couch and that means I get the comfy chair moved to my room. Score!

A personal hello:

So here's the world's greatest mentors.

Here's the whole gang.

This dress was screaming Karen Sudds when I walked by....can you hear it calling you?

This is for Rish and anyone else wanting to see shorter hairs styled curly.

And finally a few sights from Strasbourg.



random street

artistic license used: I think it's better upside down :)

That's all for now folks



  1. The news the news! What's the news?!

  2. I can't share all my news at once or there will be nothing left to say :P No worries though, I'll post it soon.