Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dreams DO Come True!

Hi Friends!

It's so cool to see a lot of my little wishes, dreams, hopes and desires (whatever you wanna call them) coming true. Let me tell you of one of them that was realized last night. I got to see Samuel Harfst in concert. It's so cool cause my roomy has all of his CD's so I was really enjoying them and I was hoping that I would be able to see them in concert while I was here. Lucky for me they came all the way to Mannheim. So here's a sample of their music.

On a side note. Many people have asked when I am coming home but I've been lying all along. I just looked at my ticket last week to find that I've earned myself an extra day in Mannheim. So I will be home on June 09, 2010 and NOT on June 08th. Sorry for any confusion but I am grateful for the extra day to pack and say goodbye.

I'll update you soon on the remainder of my time here. Lots going on!