Thursday, June 17, 2010

Landed, Readjusting and Working Already!!!

Hello My Faithful Blog Readers!
As most of you know I am back in Canada. I had a beautiful goodbye with lots of love and memories and then I was warmly welcomed home by my friends and family. As soon as I got to Canada my mom was there to greet me and then a couple of my girlfriends brought over a bunch of balloons and we had fun catching up. My sis also dropped by for a bit. The following day I got to see more people and finally give my dad that long awaited hug!
At anyrate, you get the idea. At the request of a couple friends in Germany I will be continuing with my blog now that I am back home. Feel free to drop by anytime and see what kinda crazy things I'm up to.
I have been so blessed to find work and start working all during my first week back! I am working a temporary position at HP Enterprise Services. I get along really well with my boss and the people in the office have been so nice. It's great hours and pay, I am very thankful and I feel so blessed!
What's new and coming up for me?
On June 26th I'm planning on going to a dance audition for the Corps Bara: Project Company. I'll let you know how it goes.
If any of you would like to meet with me one on one to catch up or to hear more about my time in Germany, I would really love that! Just let me know and we'll make it happen :)
See You Around


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