Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up and Coming

First let me begin by filling you in on the weekend. It was GREAT! For those of you who don't know what Encounter is, it's the name of a weekend program that helps people deal with issues in their life by letting God encounter them. There are about 7 teaching sessions on key issues and after each session there is a time for people to come and deal with their issues by praying through them with someone else. This weekend shows and equips people how to deal with issues that continue to come up when they are on their own and not in the nice atmosphere of such a retreat. This is the third one I've been to and I have found them to be helpful in my life.

The topic that I was covering as I mentioned in my last blog was sin. This is a rather heavy topic with which we all too easily identify but it's necessary to confront it and take responsibility for it. So that's the short version for you!

Alright on to this week. Baaaaahh, where is time going these days? On Sunday evening I will be dancing at a coffee shop called Coffee Fellows. Our church meets here 4 times a year with something they've coined "Fellow Meets God". I believe I've mentioned it before but let me explain in a bit more detail.

This venue is perfect for people to invite friends who may be interested in God but do not feel comfortable going to a church. Each event has a topic that explores a bit of who God is. The fun part is there's always lots of creativity here. There are often musicians playing while people enjoy conversation and coffee. Then for the more formal program there is some sort of drama, story, dance, discussion panel etc...

I think this is an amazing opportunity to be in the community and in a place people feel comfortable. God moved in amazing ways not only for us but now Coffee Fellows is opening opportunities to other churches to use their facilities and stay open later in other parts of Germany. Recently, there was one done in Frankfurt. They are also willing to have us in there more often but we just can't do that much at the moment. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm glad I get to be a part of it. I wish y'all could come out and join us.

Well folks that's all for now!