Monday, April 19, 2010

Glorious Day, Yesterday!

Hi Friends. You're probably thinking, "wow glorious is quite the descriptive word for a day" but it truly was. Please let me explain.

My sunny Sunday began as I walked to the train station when I noticed a car quickly pull onto the side walk. I looked, thinking that was rather strange, only to see someone sticking their head out the window yelling something at me. As I took a few more steps I realized it was the couple whose kids I tutor in English and they asked if I wanted a ride. I squished in the back with the kids and got an unexpected lift to church! A great start to any day.

Now this is no ordinary Sunday. We quickly passed the Trafolhaus where we usually meet and we made our way to the beautiful city center. This day we were trying out one of the potential new locations for our growing church. This was really exciting for us because the location is amazing in the sense that it is central and easy to access, as well as the building itself is positioned very well and is very visible to the community which is people who are out shopping.

The new potential space for our church was very welcoming and the transition into this space seemed rather smooth. There are pro's and con's in any situation but I believe this place offers more pro's than con's. One of the big differences is that there is a raised stage. There is also a balcony at the back which looks onto the paradaplatz where there is a beautiful fountain in the center and many people linger and meet at this point. Anyways, I enjoyed the new building and the different dynamics.

After church I went to a friends house for a BBQ. There were many new people to meet, the weather was nice and sunny and they had a yard where we were able to squish our toes in the grass. To all the Canadians reading this, you're probably thinking 'big deal' BUT most people my age don't have yards, so it's something I really enjoyed. At any rate, I guess it kinda marked the beginning of spring for me.

I had to leave early so I could prepare for dancing at Coffee Fellows. The fun part was that my roomy let me drive her car back to Mannheim and I had my first driving experience in Germany. She has a standard and it's been a long time since I drove one, so I was a little hesitant but was so glad that I faced my fears and made my dream come true - driving on the autobahn.

In the evening I enjoyed a mango frap and conversation with friends. The Fellow Meets God team put on a wonderful evening and I concluded it by dancing. I felt comfortable dancing in a Coffee Shop full of strangers and I think it was well received. The most awkward part for me is after the dance is finished and people start clapping. This is when I become uncomfortable.

The theme of the evening and my dance was "living water", and exploring life before and after being filled with living water. Someone made a cute clip displaying this with a flower and the sun and eventually some water, then on the way out people were given water bottles with a verse on it about how this water will not satisfy but there is another water that comes from Jesus and it always satisfies.

I think there is so much creativity and excellence employed at this event, it makes me proud to be part of it as well as just enjoying my time there. So that my friends is what makes a Glorious Day for me.

I hope you're having some of your own. Please feel free to share your story with me.